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Reindeer Christmas Ornament

Reindeer Christmas Ornament

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Bring a touch of festive whimsy to your tree with the "Reindeer" Christmas ornament featuring three adorable reindeer in playful poses. This endearing decoration captures the essence of holiday charm with its trio of cute reindeer, each exuding personality and joy. Hang this ornament to add a dash of merriment to your holiday decor, as the whimsical reindeer create a scene that radiates warmth and cheer. Perfect for both children and the young at heart, this ornament is a delightful celebration of the magic that reindeer bring to the holiday season, making it a cherished addition to your Christmas festivities.

.: White aluminum base with a glossy finish

.: Scratch and chip resistant surface

.: Printed on both sides

.: Each ornament comes with a separate red ribbon for hanging

.: NB! Each pack contains a single ornament

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